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Sonora High School Athletic Hall of Fame Selection Criteria

The primary goal of the Sonora High School Hall of Fame is to recognize those individuals that have made a significant contribution to the athletic program SHS during their time here.  The following selection criteria are used to consider a nominee of the Sonora High School Athletic Hall of Fame.  The individual must meet the criteria listed below as well as other factors.


The individual must:

    1. Have had outstanding Varsity participation for 2 years or more.
    2. Have received Athletic honors/recognition in high school and beyond (CIF/NCAA/NAIA/Professional programs).
    3. Be of outstanding moral character.
    4. Be a High school graduate/equivalent or beyond.
    5. Have last attended high school 5 years or more prior to nomination.


The individual must:

    1. Have contributed to athletics as a coach, administrator, faculty, staff, alumni, or community member.
    2. Have their last direct involvement in SHS athletics 5 years or more from time of nomination.


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