Middle College

Middle CollegeMiddle College is a Sonora High School program in partnership with Columbia College, where students take high school and college courses.

This program is designed for students who wish to pursue a higher education while completing their high school graduation requirements. Juniors and seniors can be admitted into the program through an application process. They are required to take two classes on the Sonora High School campus and then are free to take classes at Columbia College.

Students work very closely with the Middle College Coordinator, Columbia College counselor, and Sonora High counselor to make sure that they are taking classes applicable to high school graduation and their post high schools goals.



PDF icon  2017-18 Middle College Application

PDF icon  Student Reference Form 2016

(**Fill out the application and two references)


Admittance Checklist

Once accepted into the Middle College program, the following must be completed.

  1. Apply to Columbia College via www.gocolumbia.edu
  2. Complete packet with the following forms:
    • BOG fee waiver
    • Medical consent form
    • Early admission form, signed by high school counselor
    • Signature page from online application
  3. You will be scheduled an appointment with your Sonora High School Counselor  and Columbia College Counselor  to make sure high school graduation requirements are being met and to choose college course based on post-secondary plans.
  4. Turn in all paperwork (BOG fee waiver, medical consent form, early admission form and signature form) to the Admissions and Records Office at Columbia College in the Sequoia Building prior to your registration apt.
  5. Register online at designated appointment time


Castle, Courtney

Learning Director

Phone: 209-532-5511 ext. 119

email: ccastle@sonorahs.k12.ca.us

Facebook: Click Here

Christ, Pam

Counseling Secretary

Phone: 209-532-5511 ext. 124