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In recognition that some students can learn best in settings other than conventional classrooms, the Sonora Union High School District offers a program of independent and flexible study arrangements through Theodore Bird High School. Establish in August 1994, Bird HS is located on the District's Alternative Education Campus at the Dome.

All Courses are taught via the independent study method, with many taught through the Apex online program. Students do not attend daily classes. Instead, each student meets with an instructor one-to-one, or in a small group, at a pre-arranged time and place each week. The instructor assigns course work, which is to be completed by the student on his/her own time. The completed work is evaluated by the instructor at the next meeting. It is responsibility of the student and parent to ensure the student attends this appointment and has all of his/her work completed every week.

The Sonora Union High School District is located in the beautiful foothills of California’s historic Gold Country. We pride ourselves on offering a truly comprehensive high school experience that meets a wide variety of student interests. For more than 100 years, our young people have benefited from dedicated staff members, active parents, and generous community boosters. If you are a student, you will not be lost on a big impersonal campus. If you are a parent or supporter of students, there are a lot of opportunities to volunteer for campus activities. American small town pride is reflected in our fine arts programs, athletic teams, and student organizations.

If you are new to Tuolumne County, we invite you to become part of our district’s traditions. Feel free to call the schools to schedule a visitation, a counseling appointment or attend one of our district events.

Thank you for your interest in our schools and student programs.

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