Behavior Expectations

Student Conduct

School-wide Rules

  • Students must:
  • Be respectful, courteous to and cooperative with teachers and classmates.
  • Be on time to class.
  • Be ready to work with all needed materials.
  • Be dismissed by a teacher (not by the bell.)
  • Be respectful of the learning environment.
  • Be respectful of school property and the personal property    of others.

Procedures for Misconduct in the Classroom

This section describes the disciplinary procedures to be used within the context of the individual classroom.  It is the intention of the discipline policy to help students effect a positive change in their behavior and/or attitude.  It is important to understand that the levels listed below allow for judgment on the part of staff members to implement consequences based on the frequency and/or severity of the inappropriate behavior.

All teachers will communicate their classroom rules and expectations for behavior, in writing at the onset of the school year, with the students and parents/guardians.  Failure to observe classroom rules will result in the following:

Step 1 – Teacher-Student Conference:  The teacher will have a conference with the student regarding the inappropriate behavior.  The teacher will outline the changes needed to correct the behavior and inform the student of the consequences to be taken if the behavior is not corrected.

Step 2 – Detention and Parent/Guardian Contact:  The teacher will assign the student a detention (or another appropriate consequence) for an infraction of the rules.  The teacher will insure that the student understands the reason for the assigned consequence and what is necessary to avoid further consequences.  The teacher will also notify the parent/guardian by telephone indicating the behavior that resulted in this consequence and any previous history regarding the inappropriate actions of the student.

Note:  The teacher may invoke a Suspension From Class for up to two consecutive days for any violation of Ed Code 48900.  The teacher will send the student to Administration.  The teacher must hold a conference with the parent subsequent to the suspension.

Step 3 – Referral to Administration:  When the student continues to engage in inappropriate behaviors he/she will be referred to Administration.  The teacher will send the student with a disciplinary referral form that must list the infraction, previous actions taken, and the date and result of parent/guardian contact.

Administration will take appropriate action based on the frequency and/or severity of the behavior(s).  Administration will consider the student’s discipline record for the entire school year.  When the teacher has taken and documented action as outlined in steps 1 and 2, a parent conference may be held and Administration may take one or more of the following steps:


Saturday School

Student/Teacher/Parent Conference

Behavior Contract

Restriction to Campus

Suspension from Bus Privileges

Suspension from Athletics/Activities

Class Suspension

School Suspension

Campus Beautification Project

The student should expect that the severity of the consequences will increase with each referral to Administration for disciplinary action. The third Class Suspension by the same teacher will result in a 1 Day School Suspension or Campus Beautification. The sixth Class Suspension will result in a 2 Day School Suspension and a Student Study Team Meeting.


SENIOR Behavior Policy

Because seniors at Sonora High School are expected to possess the citizenship necessary to enter the work force, trade school, armed forces or college, the following is in effect:  All seniors must pass fifty (50) credits during their senior year in order to graduate.

Seniors who have not served their detentions will not be allowed to participate in Senior Activities.  In addition, the following will be in effect for the second semester:

1.  4-5 days suspension or in-house     No Senior Picnic

2.  6-7 days suspension or in-house     No Prom

3.  8-9 days suspension or in-house     No Grad Night

4.  10 or more days suspension          No Graduation Ceremony

or in-house

*NOTE:  If the incident happened during the fall semester and detention/suspension is not served until spring semester the above disciplinary dispositions apply.

Any major violation (theft, vandalism, causing or attempting to cause, or threatening to cause physical injury to another person, fighting, drugs/alcohol (possession or use, etc.), anytime during the last 20 school days of the school year will result in revocation of all of the above privileges. EC 48900

In order to participate in graduation, and/or receive a diploma, all seniors must:

1.  Complete check-out sheet.

2.  Serve all hours of detention.

3.  Pay all bills