District Mission for 2017/2018

To maintain focus on student learning and wellness by engaging in sound resource allocation and policy management to ensure that the Sonora Union High School District is an excellent place to learn, teach, and work.

2017 – 2018 District Goals:

1. Academic Achievement – Students and teachers are held to a high standard of academic achievement with increased completion of the entrance standards (A-G requirements) of the University of California and California State University system.
2. Alternative Programs – The District will support other academic programs including adult education, Middle College, independent study and alternative education.
3. Assessment Data – Departments will develop common assessments to help drive instruction and evaluate the effectiveness of programs, personnel and student achievement. Each department shall report the results of this evaluation to the Board on an annual basis.
4. Career Technical Education – Students have the opportunity to learn work force skills through high quality career technical and community learning programs aligned to the regional economy.
5. Co-Curricular Programs – The District recognizes that arts, athletics and student organizations are essential facets of the high school experience and will support increased student engagement and achievement.
6. Facilities – The District will support the construction and modernization of district facilities and technology to better support staff and student learning, safety and efficiency.
7. Finances – The District will improve our stewardship of existing resources while developing additional sources of funding for current programs and new initiatives. The District will maintain a positive certification in each budget year.
8. School Culture – All members of our educational community engage in positive relationships promoting a culture of cooperation, trust, respect, and personal safety.
9. Staff Development – Staff development and training programs will be relevant, of high interest, available to all staff, and support new academic assessment and technology initiatives and innovations.
10. Wellness – The District will promote physical and mental health through student programs that encourage healthy habits, improved nutrition, and access to personal counseling.
Approved: April 4th, 2017