Marketing Mocse

The Marketing class is partnered with Mocse Credit Union.

Students will receive instruction in the history of credit unions, policies, procedures, service & sales culture, budgeting, marketing, and investing. Students will be assisting Mocse members.

The program helps to create the credit union spirit of “People Helping People” and promote the uniqueness of credit unions.

The CTE Marketing class will educate students about personal financial responsibility and promote the principles of thrift.

Prerequisites: At least 16 years old, excellent attendance, 2.0 GPA, and a work permit for all students under the age of 18.

The CTE Marketing course is a course designed to give students a real work environment while learning all aspects of a financial institution.

The CTE Marketing class is unique to Sonora High and the students as it combines the high school class credit with the Career Technical Education philosophy of creating classes that offer instruction, as well as the possibility of beginning a career in the field of instruction after graduating high school.

This class also offers the student the chance to earn money while receiving instruction in the industry.

CTE Marketing is a one hour class daily for two semesters (180 hours).

Additional hours are offered to the students for lunch and a 7th period class after school.

The additional time will be offered to 2nd-6th period students at the paid rate of minimum wage by Mocse Credit Union.

Pre-training Monday through Friday for the 1st two weeks in August. Training will be at the paid rate of minimum wage by Mocse Credit Union.


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Miller, Brian

Marketing MOCSE Instructor


Stratton, Sherelle

Marketing MOCSE Branch Manager


Phone: (209) 572-3600 Ext. 500


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Travis, Carol

CTE Career Technician


Phone : (209) 532-5511 Ext. 115